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Sycamore & Fink Dec 2nd 7 pm

Tues 12/2 @ 7 PM

A Reading & Book Party

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Jennifer Fink

"Sycamore kicks mainstream literature in the teeth."
—San Francisco Bay Guardian

Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

202 965 5200

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Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge

Lacking Control Increases Illusory Pattern Perception

This just in.

Clearing Without Reversal by Cathy Eisenhower, new from Edge Books


Clearing Without Reversal

Cathy Eisenhower
ISBN: 978-1-890311-27-8
80 pages, Cover by the author
Design by Justin Sirois

$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge (regularly $15)

We are deceived at every level by our behavior. You are grammar and the city is syntax. This book has the brilliant, vulgar, infinite, intimate, alluring vivacity of the real. If you search these poems for meaning that can be summarized, you will find multiple meanings, all of them capable of confounding any summary by proposing its own opposite, its own doppelganger, its own disguise, its own cohort. Cathy Eisenhower brandishes the whip. The psyche rises as a mist from things that are wet. --Doug Lang

These poems glow in the dark. And are so sharp—("fleet of heart"). And every here word is true—startlingly ordered, uncannily combined, in harsh light—("the time it takes / to wash the fire from your face")—bringing truth back again to beauty—not an easy beauty, but a smart one, hard-won, and permanent. --Cole Swensen