Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Yeah that totally sounds like Hard Dance Channel's FBI smurf thing, but maybe a little more facile. & I know you think we need to be aware, but this is really destroying and has no symmetry or judgmental bitches with giant tote bags or bands like Piffpaff Popo Death at all. I find it offensive but mostly I am just tired and you are radically unhypnotized. I mean what are you saying? Clearly, the squid is on the toad, people.

& with all due respect, every egg and sperm has to be used with the assumption that Satan could defeat Disney and the Aztecs and all their quote ass-poodles unquote. I know that's stretching it but it's getting harder and harder. Or at least it gives lip service to the asspossum slash badger in the front seat. That's my confusion. So thanks for continuing to come.

& not to start a flame war but a guy is beating me over the head with a bear and he's in a bear suit doing it. Which is to say certainly THE PROBLEM is stemming from "Anybody's" "family skills" but do you want my opinion for your research paper about Howard the Duck or what? Get your mind out of metafictional bumfuck. I find it offensive that kids refer to themselves. I mean you can't read can't you?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! You just sit there!!?? Hot dorks are going off on random tangents in the form of poetry while other people laugh. Why should babies be any different?

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