Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lisa Robertson / James Scully reading

At the seminar Lisa spoke eloquently of her recent reading of Arendt & of "a necessary inconspicuousness" -- the poem's non-site -- ". . . a place that gives pause, a clandestine hiding place that is always strategic." That one can, or must "extract a representation which remains both inconspicuous and a site for future thinking."

I enjoyed James Scully's talk but didn't quite get what he was getting at when he said "Emily Dickinson is an anti-poet," somebody said something about "pseudo-anti-poetry."

From Scully's reading:

"The future of sleep is buried alive."

A few quotes from Lisa's reading:

"O, uneven survival"

"and if I degenerate into style it's because I love it so"

"The biggest problem with melancholy is that it is more detailed than the world."

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