Wednesday, February 21, 2007

5 little known things about me.

Now that the meme's basically dead (I think) . . .

1. The first concert I ever saw was Kiss. . . . the opening band? Bob Seager.

2. The first reading I ever organized was for Ron Silliman at Bridge Street in 1988. He read from What for a crowd of 50. He wore a Jesse Jackson for president button.

3. I don't really smoke cigarettes. It's all done with mirrors.

4. The line I sometimes use in my piece "Snips," at readings, that inevitably gets a huge laugh, "If it's not sex, why are you thinking about it" is stolen from Kevin Davies.

5. I don't have a B.A. but do have an M.F.A., thanks to Carolyn Forché.


Ron said...

I've voted for worse... (Eldridge?)


Alli Warren said...

bob seger rocks my socks.

gina said...

Bob Seger & Kiss sounds like an amazing concert--then again, I'm from Michigan and realize those bands are part of my heritage (even if Kiss doesn't hail from my home state).