Wednesday, May 02, 2007


SATURDAY MAY 5th, Alexandria, VA
at the US Patent and Trademark Offices, near the King Street Metro (Blue Line).

3 PM, ongoing--

Text performance art by Mark Greenwood. Adam Good will lead improvisitional tours around the USPTO site intermittently throughout the festival.

4 PM Show: Dominion Stage--

A BEVY OF WELCOMES and THE GUNFIGHT: two comic shorts by Brent Cunningham.

SOP DOLL! A Jack Tale Noh Drama by Lee Ann Brown (author of Polyverse, and The Sleep That Changed Everything) and Tony Torn (noted stage and screen actor).

7 PM Show: Yockadot's poetics theatre troupe under the direction of Enoch Chan--

Excerpt from VERVE ON VERGE, a "jigsaw puzzle play" by Ellen Redbird, poetics theatre theorist and publisher of Nerve Lantern. HOURS by Thalia Field, author of Ululu (Clown Shrapnel), and Incarnate: Story Material.
BAD I.O.U, a brand new play by Tina Darragh, author of Dream Rim Instructions, and Striking Resemblance.

USPTO Madison Building, 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria VA 22314. Near the King Street Metro station (Blue Line).

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redbird said...

Well, this event has long passed, but I think, for the record, I will make a correction to the announcement. My puzzle play is actually titled "Verve of Verge." (Ah, those precious prepositions...) Thank you. :-) Ellen Redbird