Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Our beloved friend Flash passed away January 6th in Virginia. He had been ill for several months but remained loving and present. I've never met another dog who went to so many poetry readings. He will be missed by many.


rodney k said...

Ghostbrayn et Mel,

Lo siento.


mark wallace said...

We have talked about this on Lorraine's blog also:

Dan / Daniel Gutstein said...

I really loved Flash -- he was a great dog, and as many others have noted -- a real gentleman, a gentle soul, a kind and affectionate howler-when-tummy-scratched. As I told him frequently, he wore the dog suit well and he forgave me for spilling the water that one time. He will be missed but not forgotten. --DG

Gary said...

Very sad to hear about Flash. I rode in the car with him a couple of times, and I also remember staying up all night one night with him playing Dueling YouTubes.