Thursday, April 03, 2008

Electric Possible 4/6

I'm quite pleased to be included in this-- Buck did it a few years ago & wow it was good. Come on out!

El Possible Fifth Anniversary Show
Sunday, April 6
Experimental Voiceworks with Jenny Graf, BLK w/BEAR & Croniamantal

Croniamantal--The resurrection of El Possible's first lab project:: electro-acoustic free improvisors joined with one avant-garde poet. For this incarnation: Jeff Bagato--cheesy keyboard; Amber Dunleavy--theremin; Layne Garrett--guitar, found stuff; Pat Gillis--modular synth; Paolo Vallodolid--cello; Rod Smith--bard.

Jenny Graf--Baltimore based musician (and art professor!) Jenny Graf Sheppard creates vivid, compelling soundworlds using intuitive/primitive homebrewed electronic (including stuff made by Pete Blasser), guitar, and voice. Jenny is one-half the famed noise duos Harrius (with Chiara Giovando, LP on Ehse records) and Metallux (with MV Carbon, recordings on Hanson, Load, and 5RC/Kill Rock Stars). This is a rare solo set, not to be missed!

BLK w/BEAR--Towering drone science from DC's Jim Adams, formed from Voice-o-Graph records and other sound sources. Voice-O-Graph was a "photo booth" type recording station where people could record anything they wanted and get a record out of the machine. Jim will be joined by a cellist and bassist.

$5--all money goes to the artists!
8:00 pm, Sunday, April 6, 2008
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW
Rm B 120 (in the basement)
(22nd and H Streets/GW Metro)

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