Sunday, March 07, 2010

Collective Task release party 3/11 NYC

Come celebrate the release of the "Collective Task" book
260+ pages of full color images and writing

Free Admission, Open Bar, Book buying encouraged

March 11, This Thursday / 7 PM +
79 Leonard Street (basement)
in Tribeca between Church & Broadway, NYC
Take 1 train to Franklin or 6 train to Canal.

In 2006, Rob Fitterman invited several artists and poets to start a collective project where we would each receive a task to complete on the 1st day of each month. No other purpose or guidelines were preset. 12 of us agreed and saw the project through to completion. We are: Tim Davis, Monica de la Torre, Stacy Doris, Robert Fitterman, Sabine Herrmann, Klaus Killisch, Carol Mirakove, Yedda Morrison, Kim Rosenfield, Lisa Sanditz, Rod Smith and Juliana Spahr. In 2009, we invited Dirk Rowntree to design the book carte blanche and Patrick Lovelace agreed to publish it in all its glory. Finally, we’re done. Please come help us celebrate and check out the book.


Steven Fama said...

Hi Rod,

Can I ask about your schedule. I received a calendar from Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles, that says you, Mel Nichols, K. Lorraine Graham, + Mark Wallace are reading there on March 13th. That'd be two days after this NYC event. That's all possible in the jet-age, of course, but none of you four poets says anything about the LA reading on your blogs, that I find at least.

I'd maybe be motivated to do the seven hour drive to here you and the others -- unless you or you all are coming to SF too -- but am not sure if it's a "real" calendared event or not.

Could you please drop a note stevenfama [at] ?


Rod said...

Hi Steve, the LA readings are on this blog, scroll down. We'll be there the 13th & 14th. I'm not able to go to the NYC Collective Task event. No immediate plans for SF but have hopes of getting there sometime soon, maybe the fall.

Steven Fama said...

Geez, I really missed that posting! Sorry about that! Can't promise I'll make it down, it's a ways, but have a safe trip and a great reading.