Thursday, November 04, 2010

"A development that seemingly repeats the stages already passed, but repeats them otherwise, on a higher basis (“negation of negation”), a development, so to speak, in spirals, not in a straight line; - a development by leaps, catastrophes, revolutions; - “breaks in continuity”; the transformation of quantity into quality; - the inner impulses to development, imparted by the contradiction and conflict of the various forces and tendencies acting on a given body, or within a given phenomena, or within a given society; - the interdependence and the closest, indissoluble connection of all sides of every phenomenon (while history constantly discloses ever new sides), a connection that provides a uniform, law-governed, universal process of motion – such are some of the features of dialectics as a richer (than the ordinary) doctrine of development." - V.I. Lenin

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