Saturday, April 07, 2007

new meme

New meme! - tell Mike what to do -- I tag Mel, Ryan, Kasey, Nada, Rodney, and Kevin.

'Hey Mike, go flog that travel agent, we're feeling stupid.'

'Hey Mike, eat this newt.'

'Hey Mike, run the unnumbered bugs in the fresh meat-host.'

'Hey Mike, stop licking the carpet.'

'Hey Mike, restabilize this canteena funding community, we're considering it for a groping appropriation parachute-suit.'

'Hey Mike, read Proust to this pineapple, it's almost bored.'

'Hey Mike, spray over the whole piece.'

'Hey Mike, arrest those cops.'

'Hey Mike, run on down and plead with the Harvard affect interface, we've got this fairy-tale cap what needs a good controlling.'

More Mike commands at Tong Bliss and Unreliable Zygote.

1 comment:

rodney k said...

Hey Rod:

Answered the call.