Monday, April 02, 2007

wow. humans.

Just saw the Cecil Taylor documentary All the Notes at the Library of Congress. It's major. The film that those of us who've loved the music & knew, wanted to know more of the person, the wisdom there, have wanted, needed. Shots of Cecil dancing in his house to Betty Carter. Articulations by Baraka, Mackey, Thurston Moore. The insistence on joy in practice. "Not discipline!" Importance preiminent of the precursors, Bird, Ellington, etc. Where it/one comes from, actually. Excellent beyond repair. At 72 minutes only need it to be more. Question though, who's as important as example to us, now? Stein, Coltrane? Debord? Picasso? Notley? Monk? Creeley, Cage? etc. Not many come to mind as "in the same league." But enough. One hopes. Shoot for it. The only way to bring the 'them' down.

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those notations..