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The Perfect American

His overheated distilleries moved absentee shins, penetrated infrasonic creameries of fire during divinity's effete, Battle-planed plenitude and excremental, orotund fixating; an alcohol-island of Seagram casement, condensed and burgeoning, unholiness-Fried kidskin.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

exactly the shittiest thing that culture can foist on itself

it's a decent few minutes watching a cute animated rat hop about

Dragomoschenko on Creeley

good one!

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One of several collaborations with Alexandra Smith, circa 1995.

Rain could dampen lawns

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ron & Flash @ Bridge Street

How has your first book changed your life?

This woman was in love with him.

. . . a rationalized, expansionist, centralized, spectacular and clamorous production faces an entirely different kind of production, called "consumption," that is characterized by its ruses, its poaching, its secrecy . . .

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kick yourself

I don’t

The fuzz on

some other

to be

you humiliated

snuffs up

the grease
I love

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English Makes You Fat

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, speaking English as a second language makes you fat.

Bilingualism was once considered a leading cause of mental retardation. American psychologists in the early twentieth century argued that filling up a child’s brain with a useless immigrant language like Italian or Yiddish meant less room for actual knowledge. They also found a strong correlation between speaking two languages and criminal behavior. Their solution was simple: switch to English, leave the language of crime and ignorance behind, become 100% American, and don’t look back.

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