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Sycamore & Fink Dec 2nd 7 pm

Tues 12/2 @ 7 PM

A Reading & Book Party

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Jennifer Fink

"Sycamore kicks mainstream literature in the teeth."
—San Francisco Bay Guardian

Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

202 965 5200

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Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge

Lacking Control Increases Illusory Pattern Perception

This just in.

Clearing Without Reversal by Cathy Eisenhower, new from Edge Books


Clearing Without Reversal

Cathy Eisenhower
ISBN: 978-1-890311-27-8
80 pages, Cover by the author
Design by Justin Sirois

$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge (regularly $15)

We are deceived at every level by our behavior. You are grammar and the city is syntax. This book has the brilliant, vulgar, infinite, intimate, alluring vivacity of the real. If you search these poems for meaning that can be summarized, you will find multiple meanings, all of them capable of confounding any summary by proposing its own opposite, its own doppelganger, its own disguise, its own cohort. Cathy Eisenhower brandishes the whip. The psyche rises as a mist from things that are wet. --Doug Lang

These poems glow in the dark. And are so sharp—("fleet of heart"). And every here word is true—startlingly ordered, uncannily combined, in harsh light—("the time it takes / to wash the fire from your face")—bringing truth back again to beauty—not an easy beauty, but a smart one, hard-won, and permanent. --Cole Swensen

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Vitiello's Irresponsibility reviewed at Coldfront by John Harkey

“Establish the minimum and then have just more than it.”

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Sunday November 16th 4-9 PM

Organized by &
Featuring Rod Smith
The Washington City Paper's Best Poet of DC

Charles Bernstein
Anselm Berrigan
Nada Gordon
Tom Raworth
Gary Sullivan
Rodrigo Toscano

Mel Nichols, Chris Nealon, Mark McMorris, Doug Lang, Bonnie Jones
P. Inman, Adam Good, Heather Fuller, Buck Downs, Tina Darragh
Lauren Bender, Michael Ball

The Lyceum
201 S. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Hosted by M. Magnus. This event is part of the APAA's Guest Artist series at the Lyceum. Poster designed by Justin Sirois.

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Thanks, everyone

That's Tim Davis, in the orange shirt.

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5 poems at LocusPoint

Edited by Sandra Beasley, the DC section also includes five by Maureen Thorson, Ethelbert Miller, and several others.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 3:00 pm

Anne Tardos, Stacy Szymaszek, and Doug Lang

@ DC Arts Center
2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
(south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Sat, Oct. 18th, 4:00, at the Bowery Poetry Club:

Drew Gardner -- poetry, guitar
James Ilgenfritz -- bass

with Ted Pearson

Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
308 BOWERY, just north of Houston
Kareem Estafan reviews Mohammad's Breathalyzer at Sustainable Aircraft.

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Tova Wang interview.

My favorite poem in Issue One is by Tom Jones.

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We here at Ghostbrain stand by our previous assessment.

& thanks for all the orders for clearing without reversal!

Quote of the day goes to Jean-Luc Godard:
"To be or not to be. That's not really a question."

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New at Bridge Street

Ordering and discount information at the end of this post.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN #3, ed Mohammad and Boyer, 67 pgs, $5. Luoma, Collum, Hejinian, Apps, Allison, Bellamy, Norodahl, Genusa, Quarles, Koeneke, Bryant, Knox, Davis, Baumann, & McCrary.

GOD'S LIVESTOCK POLICY, Stan Apps, Les Figues Press, 80 pgs, $15. ""The largest mega-church of mom agreeing."

STATE OF THE UNION: 50 POLITICAL POEMS, ed Beckman & Zapruder, Wave Books, 112 pgs, $14. Ashbery, A Berrigan, Caples, Clifton, Coleman, Conrad, P Gizzi, Hillman, Knox, Lederer, Lin, Myles, Ping, Rohrer, &&&.

BILL, Bill Berkson & Colter Jacobsen, Gallery 16 Editions, cloth, unpaginated, $25. "Blood! No doubt about it!"

LANDSCAPES OF DISSENT, Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand, Palm Press, 128 pgs, $15. "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN LIBERATED"

GLAD STONE CHILDREN, Edmund Berrigan, Farfalla Press/ McMillan & Parrish, 84 pgs, $16. "This is no ordinary/ a-sexual reproductive/ history of the sponge."

THE YALE ANTHOLOGY OF TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRENCH POETRY, ed May Ann Caws, Yale, 646 pgs, $30. New in paper.

80 BEETLES, Mark Cunningham, Otoliths, 88 pgs, $10. "That his colleagues at the news thought his death was news is indeed an important piece of news."

THE GOLDEN AGE OF PARAPHERNALIA, Kevin Davies, Edge, 146 pgs, $15. "I'm not convinced these candidates exist / let alone deserve Secret Service protection"

SPOOKY AS IT IS W/OUT MEANING TO, Croniamantal (music) Buck Downs (words), CDR, edition of 50 w/ small booklet, $8.

A SICK PLANET, Guy Debord, trans Nicholson-Smith, Seagull, 94 pgs, $16.95. New translations of two texts: "The Decline and Fall of the 'Spectacular' Commodity-Economy," and "The Explosion Point of Ideology in China." The title essay, dating from 1971, is previously unpublished. "When the pitiful masters of a society whose wretched destiny is now discernible . . ."

AREA, Marcella Durand, Belladonna, 90 pgs, $15. "They document it from space."

THE ROUTE, Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer, Atelos, 198 pgs, $13.50. "I am poor and momentary and resent your guilt"

THE CONSEQUENCE OF INNOVATION; 21ST CENTURY POETICS, ed Craig Dworkin, Roof, 304 pgs, $29.95. Essays by Evans, Bernstein, Rasula, Cole, Biglieri, Ngai, Goldsmith, Stefans, Mohammad, Sullivan, Gottlieb, Sherry, Bergvall, Gilbert, Clune, & Perloff.

PARSE, Craig Dworkin, Atelos, 300 pgs, $13.50. "_Plural Interjection_ semicolon"

THE BIRTH OF BIOPLOITICS, Lectures at the Collège France 1978-1979, Michel Foucault, Palgrave, cloth 346 pgs, $28.95. "In actual fact, the state must be blind to economic processes."

THE LETTERS OF ALLEN GINSBERG, Allen Ginsberg, ed Bill Morgan, Da Capo Press, cloth 470 pgs, $30. "I expect to know this week."

THE OUTERNATIONALE, Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan, 111 pgs, $13.95. New in paper. "Too much spectacle conquers the I."

CITY OF CORNERS, John Godfrey, Wave, 96 pgs, $14. "But it's still only a breast"

3, Ted Greenwald, Cuneiform, 168 pgs, $15. "You're the other / It's personal / You know / You're the other"

CHAOS, TERRITORY, ART: DELEUZE AND THE FRAMING OF THE EARTH, Elizabeth Grosz, Columbia, cloth118 pgs, $22.50. "Framing is how chaos becomes territory."

ABSOLUTELY EDEN, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, United Artists, 90 pgs, $14. "Oh yes, the Romancer means it."

MOTH LIGHT, Mitch Highfill, Abraham Lincoln, 20 pgs, $5. "It was unknown. I love unknowns."

NIGHT SCENES, Lisa Jarnot, Flood, 70 pgs, $13.95. "This is the best way to do things."

WAKE UP: A LIFE OF THE BUDDHA, Jack Kerouac, intro Robert A F Thurman, cloth 146 pgs, $24.95. "But there was no other way; his relationship with the world had to be snapped."

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY, Tao Lin, 104 pgs, Melville House, $14.95. "The hamster lived in Manhattan."

POETRY AS RE-READING: AMERICAN AVANT-GARDE POETRY AND THE POETICS OF COUNTERMETHOD, Ming-Qian Ma, Northwestern, 300 pgs, $32.95. Authors examined include Zukofsky, Oppen, Rakosi, Cage, S Howe, Hejinian, Andrews, and Bernstein.

VERB SAP, Magus Magnus, Narrow House, 72 pgs, $12. "pop-pop-pop"

AETHEL, Donato Mancini, New Star, unpaginated, $21. "Can Poetry Be Matter?"

CHARLES OLSON AT THE HARBOR, Ralph Maud, Talon, 224 pgs, $19.95. "And that's all we get from Clark about this special occasion."

GOODBYE MR SOCIALISM, Antonio Negri in conversation with Raf Valvola Scelsi, Seven Stories, 256 pgs, $15.95. "All of this is extremely dangerous."

RADICAL VERNACULAR: LORINE NIEDECKER AND THE POETICS OF PLACE, ed Elizabeth Willis, Iowa, cloth 310 pgs. $39.95. Dafvidson, Pinard, Sikelianos, Skinner, Penberthy, Robertson, Pritchett, Armantrout, Robinson, Jennison, DuPlessis, Weinberger, Breslin, Waldman, Middleton, & Quartermain.

GRAVE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, Alice Notley, Wesleyan, 366 pgs, $22.95. New in paper. "I think most / Electrical appliances can be repaired via nipple"

/NOR 2 (New Ohio Review), ed Catherine Taylor, 200 pgs, $12. Abel, Beckman, Watten, Nichols, Moriarty, Moxley, Smith, Florian, Foust, Risset, Darling, Bumstead, Cooperman, Halpern, &&&.

ACTIVE BOUNDARIES:SELECTED ESSAYS AND TALKS, Michael Palmer, New Directions, 294 pgs, $19.95. "I'm no longer so sure that this is very different from poetry."

ZONG!, M. Nourbese Philip as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng, Wesleyan, cloth, 212 pgs, $22.95. "the order in destroy"

LA MEDUSA, Vanessa Place, FC2, 488 pgs, $22. "_Cha-ching!_"

HAUNTED HOUSE, Pierre Reverdy, trans John Ashbery, Brooklyn Rail/Black Square, 72 pgs, $15. Reverdy prose from 1928. "From the weight of the sadness that periodically invades our limbs and the world, we can measure all the advantage there would be for us to make public appearances and evolve in an even larger arena. But this is the hard kernal, the resistant part of universal thought--no doubt the tastiest in the Universe."

THE ALPHABET, Ron Silliman, U Alabama, 1062 pgs, $39.95. "Mindshare."

50 YEARS OF RECUPERATION OF THE SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL, McKenzie Wark, cloth 78 pgs, 30 color illustations, $24.95. Very Excellent short study focusing not only on Debord but on many often overlooked members of the SI including Constant, Bernstein, Jorn, and Gallizio. "The modern poets led them there."


FLOWERS OF EVIL, Charles Baudelaire, trans Keith Waldrop, 196 pgs, $16.95.
INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT CREELEY MAY 1998, interview by Brent Cunningham, Hooke Press, 28 pgs, $10.
NIGHT WRAPS THE SKY: WRITINGS BY AND ABOUT MAYAKOVSKY, ed Michael Almereyda, FSG, cloth 272 pgs, $27.
DEED, Rod Smith, U Iowa, 88 pgs, $16.
GERTRUDE STEIN: SELECTIONS, Gertrude Stein, ed Joan Retallack, U Cal Press, 352 pgs, $19.95.
THE BOOK OF MARTYRDOM + ARTIFICE: FIRST JOURNALS AND POEMS 1937-1952, Allen Ginsberg, ed Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton & Bill Morgan, Da Capo, 524 pgs, $17.50.
IT'S GO IN HORIZONTAL: SELECTED POEMS, 1974-2006, Leslie Scalapino, 248 pgs, U CAL, $16.95.
GIRLY MAN, Charles Bernstein, U Chicago, 186 pgs, $15.
BREATHALYZER, K. Silem Mohammad, Edge, 80 pgs, $14.
PPL IN A DEPOT, Gary Sullivan, Roof, 104 pgs, $13.95.
NEW EURPOEAN POETS, ed Miller and Prufer, Graywolf, 402 pgs, $18.
JESS: TO AND FROM THE PRINTED PAGE, Independent Curators Intl, 112 pgs, $29.95.
OURS, Cole Swensen, U Cal, 101 pgs, $16.95. "A garden is a tide."
THING OF BEAUTY: NEW AND SELECTED WORKS, Jackson Mac Low, ed Anne Tardos, U Cal, cloth 460 pgs, $34.95.
THE COLLECTED POEMS OF PHILIP WHALEN, ed Michael Rothenberg, Wesleyan, cloth 872 pgs, $49.95.
THE MISSING OCCASION OF SAYING YES, Benjamin Friedlander, Subpress, 196 pgs, $16.
ABOUT NOW: COLLECTED POEMS, Joanne Kyger, Natl Poetry Foundation, 798 pgs, $34.95.
CONTEMPORARY POETICS, ed Louis Armand, Northwestern, 395 pgs, $29.95.
FELONIES OF ILLUSION, Mark Wallace, Edge, 138 pgs, $15.
NINETEEN LINES: A DRAWING CENTER ANTHOLOGY, ed Lytle Shaw, DrawingCenter/Roof, 336 pgs, $24.95.


There are currently two ways to order: 1. E-mail your order to or with your address & we will bill you with the books. or 2. via credit card-- you may call us at 202 965 5200 or e-mail w/ yr add, order, card #, & expiration date & we will send a receipt with the books. Please remember to include expiration date.

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Readings, September

Sept 18 - Cheryl's Gone at Big Bear Cafe, 8 PM
1700 1st St NW Washington DC (at 1st and R)
Croniamantal w/ Rod Smith
Michael Kimball
Danika Stegeman

Sunday, September 21, 3:00 pm at DCAC
2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
Sam Truitt, Fred Worden & Ken Jacobs

Monday, Sept. 22nd, 12 PM, Fall for the Book at George Mason University
Provident Bank Tent, Outside Johnson Center
Brian Brodeur, Robert Drummond, and Mel Nichols

Thursday, Sept 25, 5:30-6:30 PM, Fall for the Book at George Mason University
The Bistro, Johnson Center
Alec Finlay and Rod Smith

Sunday, September 28, 7:00 pm, Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW, DC
Dina Gatina, Gennady Kanevsky, Ilya Kukulin, and Nikolai Zvyagintsev


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Flarf Beat!

Get in on the "ground floor" and write for a free subscription:


"Best thought, worst thought"
Vol 1 No 1

"A unicorn boner for humanity" by Sharon Mesmer

Your Problems with FLARF

"Mohammad Vs Mesmer"

A review of "Dalek Boner and Steepleflower"

Michael Magee's Latest Apologies

"I Google Myself"

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N 49 15.832 - W 123 05.921

Rita Wong | Tyrone Williams | Darren Wershler-Henry | Mark Wallace | Aaron Vidaver | Rodrigo Toscano | Catriona Strang | Brian Kim Stefans | Juliana Spahr | Rod Smith | Colin Smith | Kaia Sand | Lisa Robertson | Judy Radul | Pat O'Riley | Sianne Ngai | Dorothy Trujillo Lusk | Kevin Killian | Reg Johanson | Robert Fitterman | Roger Farr | Laura Elrick | Stacy Doris | Jeff Derksen | Michael Davidson | Steve Collis | Peter Cole | Louis Cabri | Clint Burnham | Jules Boykoff | Dodie Bellamy |

newly commissioned works
readings + talks + panels + performances

with VIVO Media Arts Centre

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the News

Lisa Jarnot will be teaching a class on Bernadette Mayer this Fall.

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onedit 11

fringe festival

Chomsky on Iraq
Please email and cast your vote for either circles or triangles! Winner gets into Whartscape 2009 for free! This is important!!


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here's a little pillar

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How does Obama get to 270? By restoring the transcendental dignity of the problem of stupidity. Whatever happens, I'm proud of Big Brown. The Zidane of the triple crown.

Friday, June 06, 2008




Saturday - June 7th -
8 pm

2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


Monday, May 26, 2008

thank ya mask man

Bernard Welt
Colby Caldwell
BLK w/BEAR (JS Adams + Doug Polin)

Big Bear Cafe
1700 First St NW
Washington DC

Thursday, May 29 8 pm

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Breathalyzer in Publishers Weekly

K. Silem Mohammad. Edge (SPD, dist.), $15 paper (80p) ISBN 978-1-890311-23-0

Mohammad's methods place him (with Katie Degentesh, Gary Sullivan and others) in the recent school of poets called Flarfists, who derive their work from Internet searches and treasure outlandish “bad” or tasteless lines. After three books and countless provocative posts on his popular blog,, Mohammad may no longer count as an enfant terrible, but his poetry retains its destructive force. Sometimes baffling, often offensive, on occasion ingenious, Mohammad highlights cheesy, clunky or trashy locutions in a frontal attack on our notions of poetic craft, culture and taste. His works can morph into perverse self-portraits: “some people think I'm a gluttonous porcine/ furry man-killing goldmine made of sweet gold.” Some titles mock icons of culture as in the parodies of Frank O'Hara with which the volume concludes. Others pile on such celebrities as Celine Dion or try hard to violate taboos (“Mom forced me to drink her shimmering oriole juice”). Sometimes Mohammad attacks both sense and grammar: “subtext beef guilt philanthropy blanket/ titanium seagull prong.” The outlandish vagaries of Mohammad's new work will stoke the fires of those who have found thrills and controversy in Flarf so far. (May)


by K. Silem Mohammad

80 pgs, cover design by Anne Boyer

Click here to order via Paypal.

Regularly $15.00

$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

Friday, May 16, 2008



Sunday, May 18, 3:00 pm
Shanna Compton, Wade Fletcher, and Kevin Thurston
@ DC Arts Center

2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
(south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street)
All readings are on third Sundays at 3 PM, Admission $3, FREE for DCAC members


Blaster Al Ackerman, Jessica Smith, Morgan Schuldt
Saturday May 17 8 pm
2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD. 21218

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Thursday, May 15th
Brandon Downing (Dark Brandon), Michael Scharf (For Kid Rock/Total Freedom) and Amy Boaz (A Richer Dust )

Thursday, May 29th
National Book Award nominee Lydia Davis, (Varieties of Disturbance ) Lewis Warsh (Inseparable) and Ange Mlinko (Starred Wire)

@ Solas Bar
232 E. 9th Street
(between 3rd and 2nd Aves)
7:30PM sharp

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Thursday, May 01, 2008




i. e. reading series

Saturday, May 3rd 8 pm

2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

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The City Paper selected me as Best Poet. There I am right between Best Karaoke and Best Jukebox. AL Nielsen blogs it here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

et aussi

Rod Smith & Rodney Koeneke
April 27, 2008 06:00PM
Zinc Bar
90 West Houston

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FLARF IS LIFE 4/24-26/08

2008 Holistic Expo & Peace Conference

Film, neo-benshi, and theater by:

Brandon Downing: Two new short films
Rob Fitterman: Film: Bisquick / Bismarck
Nada Gordon: Neo-benshi: "Uzumaki"
Mitch Highfill: Play: "The Secret History of the '60s"
Rodney Koeneke: Neo-benshi: "Mary Poppins"
Michael Magee: Play: "William Logan: A Sedentary Life"
K. Silem Mohammad & Gary Sullivan: Play: "Chain: A Dialog"
Kim Rosenfield: Neo-benshi: "Meglio Stasera / The Libido Theory"

FRIDAY, APR 25, 7:00 P.M., 300 Bowery, buzz "Sherry/Thomas," FREE
Publication party for new books and DVDs by:

Brandon Downing: Dark Brandon (DVD)
Mitch Highfill: Moth Light
Sharon Mesmer: Virgin Formica
K. Silem Mohammad: Breathalyzer
Mel Nichols: Bicycle Day
Rod Smith: Deed
Gary Sullivan: PPL in a Depot

A Segue reading to benefit Bowery Arts and Sciences, featuring:

Shanna Compton
Katie Degentesh
Benjamin Friedlander
Drew Gardner
Nada Gordon
Mitch Highfill
Rodney Koeneke
Michael Magee
Sharon Mesmer
K. Silem Mohammad
Mel Nichols
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl
James Sherry
Rod Smith
Christina Strong

With music by the Drew Gardner Orchestra and The Saw Lady. Hosted by Brandon Downing and Gary Sullivan.

This benefit reading will help keep Segue readings at an affordable $6.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


@ District of Columbia Arts Center

3:00PM, April 20, 2008




2438 18th Street NW, WDC

Thursday, April 10, 2008

'Let Freedom Ring'

'Let Freedom Ring'
Art and Democracy in the King Years, 1954 – 1968

A Literary Symposium and Festival
Georgetown University
April 15, 16, & 17, 2008

Poetry & fiction readings, lectures, & round-table discussions

Amiri Baraka • Jayne Cortez • Michael Eric Dyson
Lawrence Guyot • Vincent Harding • Haki Madhubuti
E. Ethelbert Miller • Sonia Sanchez • Valerie Smith • Eleanor Traylor
& other artists, scholars, and activists . . .

Inman/Orange 4-12

Saturday, April 12, 8:00 pm
P. Inman and Tom Orange
@ Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland

Friday, April 04, 2008

2008 Holistic Expo & Peace Conference

New @ Bridge Street

Stein, Scalapino, Creeley, Moriarty, Nichols, Mesmer, &&&

Cole Swensen & Thalia Field

i.e. reading series

Saturday, April 5, 8 p.m.

2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Look at that schedule for the Church!

Breathalyzer in Time Out New York

"Early in Breathalyzer (Edge, $15), the new book by Flarfist K. Silem Mohammad, we meet vomiting swans, and the volume ends with a guy who'threw up on the sun.'"

Contemporary Russian Poetry @ Bridge St 4/6

We're gonna have a gang o' fun.

Sunday, April 6, 7:00 pm
Evgeny Bunimovich, Elena Fanailova, & Yuli Gugolev
@ Bridge Street Books

Evgeny Bunimovich was born in 1954 in Moscow. He is the author of seven books of poetry, including Yestestvenniy otbor [Natural Selection] (Moscow: MIKPRO, 2001), which won the Moscow Prize in Literature and Art, and, most recently, Yezhednevnik [Daily Journal] (Moscow: OGI, 2006). He is a recipient of the Order of Academic Palms (France) and President of the Moscow International Festival of Poets. As a columnist for Novaya Gazyeta, he won the Best Individual Style in Journalism Prize and the Union of Journalists of Russia Prize. He teaches mathematics, and has authored several textbooks, He is Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Education Department.

Elena Fanailova was born in 1962 in the Voronezhskaya region. She is the author of Puteshestvie [Travels] (St. Petersburg: Severo-Zapad — Mitin zhurnal, 1994), S osobym tsinizmom [With Particular Cynicism] (Moscow: NLO, 2000), Transilvaniya bespokoit [Transylvania is Worrisome] (Moscow: OGI, 2002), and Russkaya versiya [Russian Version] (Moscow: Zapasniy Vykhod, 2005). An English translation of her work is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse. She is the winner of the Andrei Bely Prize (1999) and the Moskovskiy schyot Grand Prize 2003). She works as a journalist for the Moscow bureau of Radio Svoboda.

Yuli Gugolev was born in 1964 in Moscow. He is a translator and the author of two books of poetry: Polnoe. Sobranie sochineniy [Complete Works] (Moscow: OGI, 2000) and Komandirovochnye predpisaniya [Official Instructions] (Moscow: Novoe izdatel'stvo, 2006), which won the Moskovskiy schyot Grand Prize. He works in the regional division of the International Commission of the Red Cross in the Russian Federation.


Bridge Street Books is located 5 blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro, next to Four Seasons in Georgetown at the end of M street open Monday - Saturday: 10:30am - 9pm Sunday: 12pm - 8pm (202) 965-5200

Electric Possible 4/6

I'm quite pleased to be included in this-- Buck did it a few years ago & wow it was good. Come on out!

El Possible Fifth Anniversary Show
Sunday, April 6
Experimental Voiceworks with Jenny Graf, BLK w/BEAR & Croniamantal

Croniamantal--The resurrection of El Possible's first lab project:: electro-acoustic free improvisors joined with one avant-garde poet. For this incarnation: Jeff Bagato--cheesy keyboard; Amber Dunleavy--theremin; Layne Garrett--guitar, found stuff; Pat Gillis--modular synth; Paolo Vallodolid--cello; Rod Smith--bard.

Jenny Graf--Baltimore based musician (and art professor!) Jenny Graf Sheppard creates vivid, compelling soundworlds using intuitive/primitive homebrewed electronic (including stuff made by Pete Blasser), guitar, and voice. Jenny is one-half the famed noise duos Harrius (with Chiara Giovando, LP on Ehse records) and Metallux (with MV Carbon, recordings on Hanson, Load, and 5RC/Kill Rock Stars). This is a rare solo set, not to be missed!

BLK w/BEAR--Towering drone science from DC's Jim Adams, formed from Voice-o-Graph records and other sound sources. Voice-O-Graph was a "photo booth" type recording station where people could record anything they wanted and get a record out of the machine. Jim will be joined by a cellist and bassist.

$5--all money goes to the artists!
8:00 pm, Sunday, April 6, 2008
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW
Rm B 120 (in the basement)
(22nd and H Streets/GW Metro)

Monday, March 31, 2008

This morning I have dropped a burden
that was on me for years.

not cool

Picked this up from Ron's blog. Have been pleased by the Amazon "support" for sellers of used etc but this kind of bull is worth noting in terms of where you put your money. Book buyers are pretty sophisticated-- it would be in Amazon's interest to drop this ploy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Mark Wallace from Edge Books!


Sunday, March 30th, 7 pm
Christina Strong & Mark Wallace
Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

Felonies of Illusion

Mark Wallace
ISBN 978-1-890311-26-7

138 pgs, Cover by K. Lorraine Graham

regularly $15
$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

Click here to paypal.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Upcoming Bridge Street Readings

Tuesday, March 25th, 7:30 pm
Noah Eli Gordon & Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Sunday, March 30th, 7 pm
Christina Strong & Mark Wallace

Sunday, April 6th, 7 pm
Contemporary Russian Poetry
from Dalkey Archive Press
Evgeny Bunimovich, Elena Fanailova, & Yuli Gugolev

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thursday, March 20th, 7pm
Rust Belt Books
202 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY
w/ Jaye Bartell, Jennifer Karmin, Kevin Thurston,
Tawrin Baker, Eric Gelsinger, Jessica Smith,
Deborah Poe, & Barrett Gordon

Friday, March 21, 7 p.m.
An Evening of Flarf,
w/ Nada Gordon, Mel Nichols, Rod Smith, Gary Sullivan
Big Orbit Gallery, 30d Essex St., Buffalo, NY

Saturday, March 22nd
Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
Karpeles Library Museum
453 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY

Feast on Mesmer

" . . . to put it baldly: many writers verbally subvert corporate mentalities, but this poetry is outright sabotage."

Happy Anniversary

"George W. Bush is a recidivist war criminal and chronic violator of so many laws that the Center for Constitutional Rights has clustered them into five major impeachable 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors' (under Article II, section .4)

"Scores of leaders of the bar, including Michael Greco, former president of the American Bar Association, and legal scholars and former Congressional lawmakers have decried his laceration of the rule of law and his frequent declarations that signify that he believes he is above the law.
Many retired high military officers, diplomats and security officials have openly opposed his costly militaristic disasters.

"Only Cong. Dennis Kucinich (Dem. Ohio) has publicly called for his impeachment.

"No other member of Congress has moved toward his impeachment. To the contrary, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Dem. Calif.), Rep. Steny Hoyer (Dem. MD) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, John Conyers (dem. Mich.) publicly took “impeachment off the table” in 2006.

"When Senator Russ Feingold (Dem. Wisc.) introduced a Resolution to merely censure George W. Bush for his clear, repeated violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act—a felony—his fellow Democrats looked the other way and ignored him."

--Guess who

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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like they say.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008, 8 PM

Cathy Eisenhower & Bruce Andrews

The i.e. reading series
2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD. 21218



Sunday, March 16, 3:00 pm

Bruce Andrews & Erica Kaufman

@ DC Arts Center
2438 18th St NW
Washington, DC

Ashbery wins The Creeley

Friday, March 07, 2008

@ Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Saturday, March 8, 2008, 8:00PM


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


March 1, 2008- Justin Sirois, Gina Myers, Ken Rumble @ "8 PM"

2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD. 21218


Jullich (Thine Instead Thank) and Smith (Deed) share their verse.

2/27 8 PM Jeffrey Jullich & Rod Smith

St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery
131 E 10th St at Second Ave East Village

Friday, February 22, 2008

Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here . . .

This foolish
linguistic impediment’s
perennial out-reach
stirs something’s everything (or not)
& is not a fold, more of a squirrel
or finch, more of a
once in caught sight
then briars, once
there are those then this
impedimentary inhibition
unlocked, unlow, a filing
away of the correctly exhibitionistic

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SOON Productions Presents a Poetry Reading
Featuring Mel Nichols and Rod Smith

Ithaca, NY, 2/23/08: Writers Mel Nichols and Rod Smith will be reading from their work at No Radio Records, 312 E. Seneca St. in downtown Ithaca on Saturday, February 23 at 7:00 PM. The reading is free and open to the public.

Thursday, February 07, 2008



JULES BOYKOFF, a publication celebration for his new AK Press book,

Bridge Street is located in Georgetown next to the Four Seasons Hotel. Five blocks from the Foggy Bottom Metro, blue 7 orange lines. Call 202 965 5200 for more information. Please fwd this announcement to interested parites.


@ Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Saturday, February 9th, 2008, 8:00PM


Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 8230 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, three blocks from the Metro red line.




Sunday, February 17, 3:00 p.m.
Lauren Bender, Jamie Gaughan-Perez, and Adam Good
@ DC Arts Center

Tuesday, February 19
Laura Moriarity & Elizabeth Robinson
Georgetown University
Seminar: 5:30PM 462 ICC, Reading: 8:00PM Copley FL

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quote Comet Dust Seems More Asteroidy Unquote

"Remember the good old days when we understood our solar system?"

Friday, January 25, 2008

I’m happy but boy is there a lot of commotion.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Our beloved friend Flash passed away January 6th in Virginia. He had been ill for several months but remained loving and present. I've never met another dog who went to so many poetry readings. He will be missed by many.

Monday, January 14, 2008

the i.e. reading series welcomes-


Saturday- January 19th - 8 pm

2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


Sunday, January 13, 2008