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New at Bridge Street

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN #3, ed Mohammad and Boyer, 67 pgs, $5. Luoma, Collum, Hejinian, Apps, Allison, Bellamy, Norodahl, Genusa, Quarles, Koeneke, Bryant, Knox, Davis, Baumann, & McCrary.

GOD'S LIVESTOCK POLICY, Stan Apps, Les Figues Press, 80 pgs, $15. ""The largest mega-church of mom agreeing."

STATE OF THE UNION: 50 POLITICAL POEMS, ed Beckman & Zapruder, Wave Books, 112 pgs, $14. Ashbery, A Berrigan, Caples, Clifton, Coleman, Conrad, P Gizzi, Hillman, Knox, Lederer, Lin, Myles, Ping, Rohrer, &&&.

BILL, Bill Berkson & Colter Jacobsen, Gallery 16 Editions, cloth, unpaginated, $25. "Blood! No doubt about it!"

LANDSCAPES OF DISSENT, Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand, Palm Press, 128 pgs, $15. "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN LIBERATED"

GLAD STONE CHILDREN, Edmund Berrigan, Farfalla Press/ McMillan & Parrish, 84 pgs, $16. "This is no ordinary/ a-sexual reproductive/ history of the sponge."

THE YALE ANTHOLOGY OF TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRENCH POETRY, ed May Ann Caws, Yale, 646 pgs, $30. New in paper.

80 BEETLES, Mark Cunningham, Otoliths, 88 pgs, $10. "That his colleagues at the news thought his death was news is indeed an important piece of news."

THE GOLDEN AGE OF PARAPHERNALIA, Kevin Davies, Edge, 146 pgs, $15. "I'm not convinced these candidates exist / let alone deserve Secret Service protection"

SPOOKY AS IT IS W/OUT MEANING TO, Croniamantal (music) Buck Downs (words), CDR, edition of 50 w/ small booklet, $8.

A SICK PLANET, Guy Debord, trans Nicholson-Smith, Seagull, 94 pgs, $16.95. New translations of two texts: "The Decline and Fall of the 'Spectacular' Commodity-Economy," and "The Explosion Point of Ideology in China." The title essay, dating from 1971, is previously unpublished. "When the pitiful masters of a society whose wretched destiny is now discernible . . ."

AREA, Marcella Durand, Belladonna, 90 pgs, $15. "They document it from space."

THE ROUTE, Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer, Atelos, 198 pgs, $13.50. "I am poor and momentary and resent your guilt"

THE CONSEQUENCE OF INNOVATION; 21ST CENTURY POETICS, ed Craig Dworkin, Roof, 304 pgs, $29.95. Essays by Evans, Bernstein, Rasula, Cole, Biglieri, Ngai, Goldsmith, Stefans, Mohammad, Sullivan, Gottlieb, Sherry, Bergvall, Gilbert, Clune, & Perloff.

PARSE, Craig Dworkin, Atelos, 300 pgs, $13.50. "_Plural Interjection_ semicolon"

THE BIRTH OF BIOPLOITICS, Lectures at the Collège France 1978-1979, Michel Foucault, Palgrave, cloth 346 pgs, $28.95. "In actual fact, the state must be blind to economic processes."

THE LETTERS OF ALLEN GINSBERG, Allen Ginsberg, ed Bill Morgan, Da Capo Press, cloth 470 pgs, $30. "I expect to know this week."

THE OUTERNATIONALE, Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan, 111 pgs, $13.95. New in paper. "Too much spectacle conquers the I."

CITY OF CORNERS, John Godfrey, Wave, 96 pgs, $14. "But it's still only a breast"

3, Ted Greenwald, Cuneiform, 168 pgs, $15. "You're the other / It's personal / You know / You're the other"

CHAOS, TERRITORY, ART: DELEUZE AND THE FRAMING OF THE EARTH, Elizabeth Grosz, Columbia, cloth118 pgs, $22.50. "Framing is how chaos becomes territory."

ABSOLUTELY EDEN, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, United Artists, 90 pgs, $14. "Oh yes, the Romancer means it."

MOTH LIGHT, Mitch Highfill, Abraham Lincoln, 20 pgs, $5. "It was unknown. I love unknowns."

NIGHT SCENES, Lisa Jarnot, Flood, 70 pgs, $13.95. "This is the best way to do things."

WAKE UP: A LIFE OF THE BUDDHA, Jack Kerouac, intro Robert A F Thurman, cloth 146 pgs, $24.95. "But there was no other way; his relationship with the world had to be snapped."

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY, Tao Lin, 104 pgs, Melville House, $14.95. "The hamster lived in Manhattan."

POETRY AS RE-READING: AMERICAN AVANT-GARDE POETRY AND THE POETICS OF COUNTERMETHOD, Ming-Qian Ma, Northwestern, 300 pgs, $32.95. Authors examined include Zukofsky, Oppen, Rakosi, Cage, S Howe, Hejinian, Andrews, and Bernstein.

VERB SAP, Magus Magnus, Narrow House, 72 pgs, $12. "pop-pop-pop"

AETHEL, Donato Mancini, New Star, unpaginated, $21. "Can Poetry Be Matter?"

CHARLES OLSON AT THE HARBOR, Ralph Maud, Talon, 224 pgs, $19.95. "And that's all we get from Clark about this special occasion."

GOODBYE MR SOCIALISM, Antonio Negri in conversation with Raf Valvola Scelsi, Seven Stories, 256 pgs, $15.95. "All of this is extremely dangerous."

RADICAL VERNACULAR: LORINE NIEDECKER AND THE POETICS OF PLACE, ed Elizabeth Willis, Iowa, cloth 310 pgs. $39.95. Dafvidson, Pinard, Sikelianos, Skinner, Penberthy, Robertson, Pritchett, Armantrout, Robinson, Jennison, DuPlessis, Weinberger, Breslin, Waldman, Middleton, & Quartermain.

GRAVE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, Alice Notley, Wesleyan, 366 pgs, $22.95. New in paper. "I think most / Electrical appliances can be repaired via nipple"

/NOR 2 (New Ohio Review), ed Catherine Taylor, 200 pgs, $12. Abel, Beckman, Watten, Nichols, Moriarty, Moxley, Smith, Florian, Foust, Risset, Darling, Bumstead, Cooperman, Halpern, &&&.

ACTIVE BOUNDARIES:SELECTED ESSAYS AND TALKS, Michael Palmer, New Directions, 294 pgs, $19.95. "I'm no longer so sure that this is very different from poetry."

ZONG!, M. Nourbese Philip as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng, Wesleyan, cloth, 212 pgs, $22.95. "the order in destroy"

LA MEDUSA, Vanessa Place, FC2, 488 pgs, $22. "_Cha-ching!_"

HAUNTED HOUSE, Pierre Reverdy, trans John Ashbery, Brooklyn Rail/Black Square, 72 pgs, $15. Reverdy prose from 1928. "From the weight of the sadness that periodically invades our limbs and the world, we can measure all the advantage there would be for us to make public appearances and evolve in an even larger arena. But this is the hard kernal, the resistant part of universal thought--no doubt the tastiest in the Universe."

THE ALPHABET, Ron Silliman, U Alabama, 1062 pgs, $39.95. "Mindshare."

50 YEARS OF RECUPERATION OF THE SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL, McKenzie Wark, cloth 78 pgs, 30 color illustations, $24.95. Very Excellent short study focusing not only on Debord but on many often overlooked members of the SI including Constant, Bernstein, Jorn, and Gallizio. "The modern poets led them there."


FLOWERS OF EVIL, Charles Baudelaire, trans Keith Waldrop, 196 pgs, $16.95.
INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT CREELEY MAY 1998, interview by Brent Cunningham, Hooke Press, 28 pgs, $10.
NIGHT WRAPS THE SKY: WRITINGS BY AND ABOUT MAYAKOVSKY, ed Michael Almereyda, FSG, cloth 272 pgs, $27.
DEED, Rod Smith, U Iowa, 88 pgs, $16.
GERTRUDE STEIN: SELECTIONS, Gertrude Stein, ed Joan Retallack, U Cal Press, 352 pgs, $19.95.
THE BOOK OF MARTYRDOM + ARTIFICE: FIRST JOURNALS AND POEMS 1937-1952, Allen Ginsberg, ed Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton & Bill Morgan, Da Capo, 524 pgs, $17.50.
IT'S GO IN HORIZONTAL: SELECTED POEMS, 1974-2006, Leslie Scalapino, 248 pgs, U CAL, $16.95.
GIRLY MAN, Charles Bernstein, U Chicago, 186 pgs, $15.
BREATHALYZER, K. Silem Mohammad, Edge, 80 pgs, $14.
PPL IN A DEPOT, Gary Sullivan, Roof, 104 pgs, $13.95.
NEW EURPOEAN POETS, ed Miller and Prufer, Graywolf, 402 pgs, $18.
JESS: TO AND FROM THE PRINTED PAGE, Independent Curators Intl, 112 pgs, $29.95.
OURS, Cole Swensen, U Cal, 101 pgs, $16.95. "A garden is a tide."
THING OF BEAUTY: NEW AND SELECTED WORKS, Jackson Mac Low, ed Anne Tardos, U Cal, cloth 460 pgs, $34.95.
THE COLLECTED POEMS OF PHILIP WHALEN, ed Michael Rothenberg, Wesleyan, cloth 872 pgs, $49.95.
THE MISSING OCCASION OF SAYING YES, Benjamin Friedlander, Subpress, 196 pgs, $16.
ABOUT NOW: COLLECTED POEMS, Joanne Kyger, Natl Poetry Foundation, 798 pgs, $34.95.
CONTEMPORARY POETICS, ed Louis Armand, Northwestern, 395 pgs, $29.95.
FELONIES OF ILLUSION, Mark Wallace, Edge, 138 pgs, $15.
NINETEEN LINES: A DRAWING CENTER ANTHOLOGY, ed Lytle Shaw, DrawingCenter/Roof, 336 pgs, $24.95.


There are currently two ways to order: 1. E-mail your order to or with your address & we will bill you with the books. or 2. via credit card-- you may call us at 202 965 5200 or e-mail w/ yr add, order, card #, & expiration date & we will send a receipt with the books. Please remember to include expiration date.

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Readings, September

Sept 18 - Cheryl's Gone at Big Bear Cafe, 8 PM
1700 1st St NW Washington DC (at 1st and R)
Croniamantal w/ Rod Smith
Michael Kimball
Danika Stegeman

Sunday, September 21, 3:00 pm at DCAC
2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
Sam Truitt, Fred Worden & Ken Jacobs

Monday, Sept. 22nd, 12 PM, Fall for the Book at George Mason University
Provident Bank Tent, Outside Johnson Center
Brian Brodeur, Robert Drummond, and Mel Nichols

Thursday, Sept 25, 5:30-6:30 PM, Fall for the Book at George Mason University
The Bistro, Johnson Center
Alec Finlay and Rod Smith

Sunday, September 28, 7:00 pm, Bridge Street Books
2814 Pennsylvania Ave NW, DC
Dina Gatina, Gennady Kanevsky, Ilya Kukulin, and Nikolai Zvyagintsev


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