Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't think of a shark



Part of that thing of Doug's is in Aerial 6/7. I just spaced on the colab as I am wont 2 due. Personally I've been reading THE POLITICS OF TIME, if'n we don't need to take on a bigger subject. That idea + form as activity + cognitive limits < some idea of 'scale' (as in covered with) that Watten sort of points at/toward when he says: "If at some point language walked in the open door, we would show it some respect." Our response would be more immediate than to use it as a sign. So we respect language by not being content to operate in any one part of it. It's greater than we are. That has implication for the form. “The sense is larger than one can say."
Now, what wld it mean to operate "in any one part of it"-- is that possible? Or are we always already illiterate-- in that there will always be much more that we don't know: cognitive limits carried into periodization as latent scale = form as activity trap. Nonsense is very telling. In _The Elucidation of Intention_ Charles Bernstein Rinpoche is cautioning against the means of designation as the designative base. This is a general characteristic of hermeneutical strategies that depend upon content rather than context. "As long as we think of solutions as happening only once we perpetuate the trauma of our native insecurities" sayeth Rasula. What he might mean by "trauma" is all too clear to the "native insecurities" which are IN FACT in the dictionary. However in Edgar Alain Poe's recent chapbook we find an argument for "the Principle itself. . . the Human desire for Supernal Difference." It seems the fundamentally systemic indignity is HISTORY, or else haddock, but let us suppose it is history-- 'politics of time' -- "all politics as centrally involving struggles over the experience of time" -- with respect to this: "Think, in particular, about the problems posed for a politics of emancipation by a horizon of expectation within which the replacement of capitalism within any current lifetime is no longer a feasible prospect; and the social forces traditionally assigned to the job can no longer be looked upon with any confidence to 'grow into' their allotted political role." Without the "jargon" but with the "in particular" this seems to be accurately involved in an elucidation of the historicized deprivation of the disingenuous.
But is there some hope for a commodification of revolution?
Modernity has codified change-- post-modernity being only meaningful if allowed to be meaningless, i.e. as schism in modernity's endless meaning concretions-- & if meaningless then the famous haddock (named Kannon) blurred with tears of major tremble is the meaning to be decided. We're always already always already at this point & Sunoco's web-page (under construction) is a "community"
it is as snow falling
a big yellow glove that waves bye-bye a million times
holds me in my Novocain creations
Do lots of Nicotione-Fairys visit your dreams as well?
Do you have an e-mail for Irigiray? (bad line)
"now more than ever"
Art as creator of concepts yes. . .
Concepts as hollow in our happenstance?
Portable action: projection?, extrapolation? Hopelessly inert articulations
I'm willing to settle for less, but wish it were a choice.
Dressed in lint
it's glimmered
one pint Asterick (or a pitcher?)
motions the luck
back out from under
the laundered
Binky gasps
at the lamps’
back-lit bummer
levens this roiled-up
limey cliche's
callous "cash-payment"
of the mandarin praise. Gramsci's
kite in a tree-- the given
glistening-- eschatology's
psychedelic narrative deed.
Billy Dungoski saw Jesus on a telephone pole-
The Rainbow Gathering as parapatetic circumference,
but I don't have enough gas to get "home." George Will found
therapy to involve too many nasty words-- talk about
attention deficit. Vietnam was considered a bad cause. "Was." "One by one all the bars fell into place."
my haddock or yours, a diurnal
dissonance to unlock the fob

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