Thursday, September 28, 2006

what is this?

Is this a Brit edition of Oppen I've not seen? I'm curious to see how it's set as New Directions trashed the poems in the new collected edition-- yes yes great intros and essays and unpublished stuff are good but the actual typesetting is no good-- completely throws out the sense of the poems as presented in the first ND Collected that Oppen proofed. I mean it's not that hard NOT to trash. sigh. etc.


Kevin D said...

Comrade Smith,

Could you perhaps elaborate on your problems with the typesetting of the NCP? This issue is of considerable interest to those of us lost in the woods hereabout. Do not the serious format limitations of the old CP (and, for that matter, the old CPUSA) render it suspect as copy-text? Does not the (cheap-assed) publisher's decision to mangle _Discrete Series_ by mashing it all together give us a good indication of why that old edition sucked so badly? Be specific -- our committee demands specificity! -- about the supposed sins of the recent compositors.

Kevin D

Rod said...

it seems to me that whatever the limitations of the technology oat the time the first book was done, the fact remains that it reflects Oppen's intentions for the presentation of the work, and those should be honored, as much as possible.

compare "Animula" in the old and new Collecteds-- the spacing both within and between the lines radically alters the movement of the poem.

perhaps i'm being too harsh to say they 'trashed' it, but i much prefer the previous setting of the poems.