Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pics from Mirakove/Good reading

An audience of at least 50 came out to Pyramid Atlantic last night. Adam read in a highly rhizomatic fashion, fusing semi- circularities in an ongoing "Score for Local Knowledge" comprised of graphic filtrations of readings he'd attended, statistically improbable phrases, & audience audients. Kaplan Harris demonstrated something of Adam's method in yet another inexplicably apt introduction.

Carol spent many years in DC & is always festively welcomed back. She read largely from her latest book Mediated, which as Mel pointed out in her intro, received an important award even before it was published. Here's a bit from something I wrote on her first book, Occupied:
Mirakove makes, somehow, of this our collective deeply tainted unconscious, an art that is singular-- a space which only she could have created. This space is one of tension, a tension in process, subject to it, turned by them, and untrusted forward-- what breaks through is, to repeat, singular, & sometimes, shattered. poetry.

Afterward we went to Majorca. Kaplan often goes there to grade papers & read Creeley letters. It was good to catch up with Chris Nealon who's off to Berlin for a week. Buck Downs was in bright circumstance as per usual-- news soon of his new Edge chapbook. Leslie Bumstead was in attendance, David Berrigan, Mary Seidel, Jeff Vogt, o so many others.

It was indeed quite pleasant.

Click on the title link to see Cathy's monkey, shiny Adam, leaving Majorca, etc.

A favorite line from Mediated: "Even Juicy Fruit has a blog."


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